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KPMG Transforming Small Businesses Online Assessment 2024

blog Jan 10, 2024

The KPMG Transforming Small Businesses Assessment: A Deep Dive and Strategic Preparation

  • KPMG's Graduate Program distinguishes itself with a multi-stage virtual application process.
  • The second stage, the Transforming Small Businesses assessment, is a unique and rigorous test of your ability to navigate real-world business scenarios, designed in line with the KPMG assessment framework and focusing on KPMG business scenarios, including a comprehensive KPMG assessment simulation.
  • Understanding its structure and potential pitfalls is essential for any aspiring KPMG professional.

KPMG Online test 2024

KPMG transforming online assessment
kpmg outcomes assessment

kpmg 2024 graduate program and kpmg transforming small businesses online assessment practice

KPMG application process

  • Stage 1: Your application,
  • Stage 2: Transforming Small Businesses,
  • Stage 3: kpmg delivering outcomes assessment,
  • Stage 4: Critical Thinker
  • Stage 5: Virtual LaunchPad

In this article, we will dive into more detail about the second stage of the KPMG recruitment process.Transforming Small Businesses part.

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Transforming Small Business Online Assessment

  • The KPMG assessment consists of 28 questions in total, blending situational judgment tests, numerical reasoning tests, and critical thinking questions, including the KPMG situational judgment test, KPMG numerical reasoning test, and KPMG critical thinker test. These are part of the broader KPMG aptitude tests and KPMG psychometric tests, which also include the KPMG verbal reasoning test.
  • The majority of the questions are situational based, aligning with the KPMG situational judgment test, and you are required to rank the order of the scenario options from most likely to least likely.
  • The purpose of the KPMG online test scenario is to understand your behaviors and personality during challenging situations when working at the firm, incorporating KPMG assessment techniques and focusing on KPMG behavioral questions. This is part of the broader KPMG assessment simulation.
  • The cognitive questions contain information in various formats, from videos, articles, voicemails to charts and graphs as well as business emails and team meetings, designed to evaluate your KPMG cognitive questions handling ability as part of the KPMG aptitude tests.
  • The scenarios reflect a normal working day at KPMG and the narrative is fictional but similar to what you might experience as a KPMG employee, offering a glimpse into KPMG business scenarios and KPMG work samples. This comprehensive approach is part of the KPMG assessment simulation.
  • You will have 5 days to complete the test, and although it is untimed, 90 minutes is recommended for completion.
  • You will receive a Strength Report after this part of the assessment. With tips and practical advice, this report will show your top two strengths as well as areas for improvement, based on the KPMG strengths assessment and providing valuable KPMG assessment feedback, which is part of the KPMG assessment scoring.
  • There is no direct correlation between the personalized report and the assessment; however, it serves as a useful tool to show how you can enhance your skills, offering constructive KPMG assessment feedback as part of the KPMG assessment scoring.
  • If your first assessment is successful, you will be invited to take the second round of the KPMG interview.
  • The KPMG test or KPMG Transforming Small Businesses online assessment Reddit is also available on Reddit forums.

KPMG aptitude test questions free pdf

  • Below is a screenshot of the actual KPMG online assessment question. It is regarding a real-life work scenario where you have to make a decision based on the information provided, similar to KPMG assessment sample questions and KPMG assessment simulation.
  • You can't prepare for the question, but the best advice is to be pragmatic and professional. It is important to align your responses to the KPMG core values, as highlighted in various KPMG assessment tips and KPMG assessment strategy.
  • The majority of the KPGM online assessment is in the form shown below, buy the full test here and see the full list of questions.

KPMG Online test sample question

The KPMG free PDF question below is a numerical reasoning test example, which is designed to assess your critical numeracy skills, similar to other KPMG numerical reasoning test and KPMG aptitude tests.BUY THE FULL ASSESSMENT HERE

kpmg transforming small businesses online assessment answers

kpmg transforming small businesses answers

kpmg assessment test

kpmg assessment test

You can purchase the full actual set of KPMG questions here to practice on

KPMG assessment results

  • The assessment from KPMG job simulation exercise will be given after a couple of days.

KPMG assessment difficulty

  • To succeed in the KPMG Transforming Small Businesses Online Assessment, it's important to showcase your skills, values, and alignment with KPMG competencies. Highlight your strong communication and teamwork abilities, as they are vital in a consulting environment. Incorporating a solid KPMG assessment strategy can also be beneficial.
  • Additionally, do your research to understand how your own values resonate with KPMG's core values, demonstrating your alignment with KPMG competencies. Remember, integrity, excellence, courage, togetherness, and a focus on doing what matters are the guiding principles at KPMG. A well-thought-out KPMG assessment strategy can help you align better.

kpmg delivering outcomes assessment

  • If you successfully complete Stage 2, kpmg small business assessment You'll be invited to our next online assessment. This stage will give you a deeper understanding of your chosen business area through a hands-on fictional project related to one of the small businesses from the 'Transforming Small Businesses' stage, showcasing various KPMG business scenarios and work samples. This is part of the KPMG assessment simulation.
  • During the delivering outcomes online assessment,You'll be presented with various business scenarios and asked to rank your likely actions, providing both written explanations and video responses using your webcam, as part of the KPMG situational judgment test and KPMG assessment simulation.
  • While there's no time limit, the recommended allocated time of 60 minutes is needed to complete the assessment in one go. You have five days from the invitation date to submit your responses.
  • The delivering outcomes kpmg stage is more personal to you as an individual

Demonstrating KPMG's Core Values: The Key to Success

KPMG emphasizes these core values in its employees. Actively weaving them into your responses can significantly boost your results, aligning with key KPMG competencies and KPMG assessment strategy.

  • Integrity: Prioritize honesty and ethical behavior in every scenario.
  • Excellence: Show attention to detail and a dedication to high-quality solutions.
  • Courage: Think innovatively when faced with challenges. Demonstrate a calculated risk-taking mindset.
  • Together: Embrace collaboration and value diverse perspectives for optimal team outcomes.
  • For Better: Showcase a commitment to making a positive impact on businesses and communities.

What does KPMG look for in graduates?

  • Demonstrating interest through social activities and linking your past experience to the role and KPMG company values shows your motivation for the role, highlighting important KPMG competencies and aligning with the KPMG assessment strategy.
  • It is import top show your professional communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
  • If you are applying to KPMG graduate jobs, you might also want to do some research on the KPMG core values and understand how demonstrating KPMG competencies is important to you, as part of your KPMG assessment strategy.

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Succeeding on the KPMG Assessment: Proven Strategies

  • Practicality Wins:KPMG values graduates who can deliver results. Prioritize realistic, well-reasoned solutions over idealistic but impractical ones, aligning with KPMG assessment tips for success and the overall KPMG assessment strategy.
  • The Strengths Report: A Hidden Advantage:Even if your assessment score isn't perfect, use the personalized KPMG assessment feedback as a roadmap for targeted improvement, understanding the nuances of KPMG assessment scoring.
  • Motivation is Essential:KPMG seeks driven individuals. Link your previous experiences to the role, highlighting your genuine passion for their work and how it aligns with KPMG competencies and the KPMG assessment strategy.
  • Skills that Shine: Emphasize your strong communication and teamwork abilities, vital in a consulting environment.
  • Values Alignment: Do your research! Understanding how your own values resonate with KPMG's strengthens your candidacy and demonstrates your alignment with KPMG competencies and the KPMG assessment strategy.

KPMG core values

  • The core KPMG values dictate how KPMG employees behave on a day-to-day basis, embodying the essential KPMG competencies and aligning with the KPMG assessment strategy.
  • The core values at KPMG inform the decisions and the work carried out at the firm by the employees, reflecting the KPMG competencies in action and the overall KPMG assessment strategy.
  • Working with each other or with clients, companies, and all the stakeholders is the bread and butter of KPMG business, so it's important to apply these principles, grounded in KPMG competencies and KPMG assessment strategy, when working.

Integrity: We do what is right.

Excellence: We never stop learning and improving.

Courage: We think and act boldly.

Together: We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.

For Better: We do what matters.