I know how stressful graduate applications, job interviews, personality tests, psychometric tests, and other assessments can be. Therefore here at Aptitudeprep, I am determined to help you with various job requirements and prepare you for all employment tests.

I used to struggle with online applications and graduate aptitude tests. Applications for graduate roles were tough and long-winded, information was cluttered and different employees used different psychometric test providers.

Through many years of experience and practice sessions, I learned how to ace all aptitude and psychometric tests. I want to help the next generation of graduates with the application process and create a platform where you can practice aptitude tests and find valuable relevant information about graduate opportunities and employees.

I write all the content on this website from experience and from doing my research. The practice questions have been collected over the years from across the web, therefore I do not own the rights to the questions.

Aptitudeprep.com provides a well-organized and well-presented collection of aptitude and psychometric tests for you to practice. all the information provided is highly relevant to your graduate application process.

all aptitude questions are regularly updated and so the number of practice questions is constantly growing and improving. you can get full access to all this for a whole year for a small price of 29 pounds.

at Aptitudeprep our team will bring you the most up-to-date information about each type of exam or psychometric test and give you all the tools to ace these tests.

Here at Aptitudeprep, you can find:

  • Graduate Job Application process and information
  • Employee guides
  • Free practice tests
  • Sample questions
  • Helpful tips

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