Arup Online Assessment 2024

blog Oct 22, 2023

15 Question-timed limited assessment answers are provided with full working solutions

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Arup Situational Judgement Test:

  • Online application form and video interview
  • Numerical, logical, and situational reasoning tests
  • Assessment center with group exercises
  • Panel interviews with business leaders
  • Offer made to successful candidates

Arup Situational Judgement Test & Arup SJT

  • Assess the judgement required for the role
  • Rank or choose appropriate responses
  • Tests decision-making, ethics, safety
  • Scenarios assessing judgment and ethics
  • Read the situation, select the appropriate response
  • Makes ethical decisions under pressure
  • Aligns with Arup values and culture

Arup Numerical Reasoning:

  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Tables, graphs, charts, basic calculations
  • Tests numerical logic and critical thinking
  • Calculator permitted, rough paper for working
  • Questions have a time limit

Arup Numerical reasoning questions and answers

Total Customers: 165,192
Interest in Hob: 22.3%
To calculate the number of customers interested in Hob:

Hob interest: 22.3%
Convert to decimal: 0.223
Multiply by total customers: 0.223 * 165,192
Number interested in Hob: 36,909
Therefore, with Hob interest at 22.3%, the number of customers interested in the tablet brand Hob is 36,909.

Arup Logical Reasoning:

  • Evaluates problem-solving abilities
  • Identify patterns, trends, and inconsistencies
  • Diagrammatic and verbal logic puzzles
  • Assesses logical thinking and judgment
  • Questions have a time limit

Arup Logical Reasoning online Test

Question Types:

  • Pattern recognition (identifying the next item in a sequence).


  • Questions may increase in difficulty as the test progresses.
  • The test may be designed to assess both speed and accuracy.

Arup Interview Questions:

  • Why Arup? What interests you?
  • Describe a challenging engineering project
  • When have you shown leadership?
  • How do you prioritize when working on multiple projects?
  • Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Arup Sova Assessment multiple choice questions

  • Online psychometric test
  • Assesses problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation
  • Scenarios with multiple-choice responses
  • Measures strategic thinking and decision-making
  • Results inform later interview conversations