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Ace the Schroders Online Assessment: Your 2024 Preparation Guide

blog Feb 29, 2024

  • Schroders is a global investment management firm with over 200 years of operation and over a billions of assets under management from a diverse client base that includes institutions, financial advisors, and individual investors.
  • With offices in over 35 countries worldwide, Schroders offers a broad range of investment solutions across various asset classes, including equities, fixed income, and alternative investments. Schroders maintains a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible investment practices.
  • The Schroders graduate program is designed for early career seekers based mainly in London and other financial hubs worldwide.
  • The Schroders application process consists of five stages, Schroders Online Application, Schroders Online Assessment, Schroders video interview, Schroders Assessment Centre and the Final Schroders Interview.
  • The Schroders Online Assessment section consists of three stages, Schroders switch challange, Schroders chatassess test and Schroders adept -15 test, the whole process should take 40 minutes to complete
  • The Schroders online tests are carried out by AON Assessments and In this article, I will break down what it takes to pass all the stages of the application process

Schroders Online Assessment

  • Schroders Switch Challenge
  • Schroders Chatassess Test
  • Schroders adept -15 Test
  • Schroders Video Interview

Schroders switch challenge

Schroders switch challenge questions

Schroders switch challenge answers

  • Here's a logical and simple explanation of how the solution works, broken down step-by-step:

Identifying the Shapes and Positions:

  • Top Row: The original order is as follows:
    • 1st position: Blue Cross
    • 2nd position: Red Square
    • 3rd position: Yellow Triangle
    • 4th position: Green Circle
  • Bottom Row: The new order we want to achieve is:
    • 1st position: Green Circle
    • 2nd position: Red Square
    • 3rd position: Yellow Triangle
    • 4th position: Blue Cross

Understanding the Operator Code:

  • Each digit in the operator code represents the ORIGINAL position of a shape on the TOP row.
  • The position of the digit in the code tells us where that shape will end up on the BOTTOM row.

Constructing the Operator:

  • 1st Digit (4): We want the Green Circle (originally in position 4) to be first on the bottom row. Therefore, the first digit is "4".
  • 2nd Digit (2): We want the Red Square (originally in position 2) to be second on the bottom row. Therefore, the second digit is "2".
  • 3rd Digit (3): We want the Yellow Triangle (originally in position 3) to be third on the bottom row. Therefore, the third digit is "3".
  • 4th Digit (1): We want the Blue Cross (originally in position 1) to be last on the bottom row. Therefore, the fourth digit is "1".


The correct operator code is 4231. This code tells us how to move the shapes from their original positions to create the desired order on the bottom row.

Schroders Chatassess Test

Schroders Chatassess Test Question

  • ChatAssess is a modern situational judgment test (SJT) designed to measure your ability to handle realistic workplace scenarios.
  • This engaging, gamified test focuses on the behaviors essential for success in your desired job. Expect a chat-like format where you'll receive questions and tasks from managers and colleagues.
  • Your goal is to select the most appropriate responses from the provided options.
  • The test will include 15-20 questions, and you'll have 30 minutes to complete it.

Here's why this version might be better:

  • Conciseness: It gets to the point quickly, providing the most relevant information upfront.
  • Focus: It emphasizes the behaviors the test measures, which is crucial for test-takers to understand.
  • Clarity: The language is simplified slightly, making it easier to grasp the key aspects of the test.

here is an example chatassess test

Schroders Chatassess Test Answer

Here's my analysis of the three response options you've provided, along with some additional factors to consider:

Option 1: Point them towards client folders

  • Pros: Gives the new grad some resources and encourages a bit of independence.
  • Cons: Could be overwhelming with too much information and may not offer specific enough direction to get back on track.

Option 2: Offer support and guidance

  • Pros: The most helpful approach. Shows teamwork and provides the new grad with a clear path to get back on track with the project.
  • Cons: Might require some of your time to provide the initial guidance.

Option 3: Let them figure it out

  • Pros: Could foster independence in some new grads.
  • Cons: The most risky approach. It might lead to continued under-performance, frustration for the new grad, and further delays for the project.

My Recommendation:

The best approach is Option 2: Offer support and guidance. A new grad should understand it's okay to ask for help, and offering guidance ensures the project moves forward smoothly.

Additional things to consider:

  • The new grad's personality: Are they hesitant to ask for help, or are they truly lost and overwhelmed?
  • The complexity of the project: Is this a relatively straightforward project where more resources might be enough, or is it something that requires more detailed instruction?
  • Your workload: Do you have the time to provide some direct support initially?

How to phrase your approach:

  • "Hey [New Grad's name], I noticed you were working on [project task]. Would you like some help getting started or figuring out the next steps?"

This demonstrates your willingness to help, fosters teamwork, and supports the project's success.

Schroders adept -15 Test

Schroders adept -15 Test Questions

Schroders adept -15 Test Answers

  • Based on the sentiment analysis, the statement you agree with the most is "More often than not, I tend to have a positive point of view." This statement has a positivity score of 2 and a negativity score of 0, indicating a positive sentiment.
  • The statement "I enjoy working with other people to achieve a common goal" also has a positive sentiment, but it is weaker than the first statement. It has a positivity score of 1 and a negativity score of 0.

Overall, the analysis suggests that you tend to have a positive outlook and enjoy working with others.

Here is a sentiment analysis of each statement:

StatementPositivity ScoreNegativity Score
More often than not, I tend to have a positive point of view.20
I enjoy working with other people to achieve a common goal.10

Schroders video interview questions

Schroders Video Interview: Your Key to Success

Passed the Schroders tests? Congrats! You might be invited to a pre-recorded video interview. This means answering questions via webcam for later review. Here's what you need to know:

  • Platform: HireVue
  • Questions: 4-6, covering your skills, motivation, and market knowledge
  • Prep Time: 30 seconds per question
  • Answer Time: 2 minutes per question

Quick Tips

  • Tech check: Good lighting, sound, and keep your face visible.
  • Time it right: Practice talking on camera to nail the 2-minute limit.
  • Show your passion: This is your chance to shine – know the industry and why you want to work at Schroders.
  • Eye contact: Look at the camera, not the screen. It feels weird but gets easier with practice!

Example Questions

  • Does luck play a role in investments?
  • What are you curious about?
  • How do you learn?
  • What does Schroders' Compliance Department do?

Schroders Graduate Scheme


  • The Schroders Graduate Scheme is a highly competitive and sought-after program designed to launch the careers of talented graduates in the investment management industry.
  • This two-year program offers a comprehensive experience with rotations, training, and mentorship.

Available Areas

Schroders offers graduate programs in several key business areas:

  • Investment: Focuses on areas like equities, fixed income, multi-asset investing, real estate, and data insights.
  • Wealth Management: Provides exposure to client-facing roles, financial planning, and wealth solutions.
  • Product: Involves developing and managing investment products
  • Solutions: Focuses on portfolio implementation, consulting, and derivatives.
  • Global Technology: Centers on technological solutions within the investment management industry.
  • Other Areas: May include Group Change, Risk, Tax, Compliance, Marketing, and Finance.

Schroders Graduate Scheme application process

  1. Find Your Fit: Browse open positions on the Schroders careers website here. Focus on one function/area that best matches your interests.
  2. Submit Online Application:
    • Prepare an up-to-date CV.
    • Complete mandatory assessment questions in one sitting (draft answers in a Word document beforehand).
    • No need for a separate cover letter.
  3. Online Assessment (If successful):
    • Complete a 40-minute timed assessment.
    • you can prepare here to pass the online assessment
  4. Video Interview (If shortlisted):
    • Recorded answers to interview questions within a specified time frame.
    • Practice beforehand and ensure a well-lit and distraction-free setting.
  5. Assessment Centre (If shortlisted):
    • Format can be virtual or in-person depending on circumstances.
    • May take place between November and January.
    • If in-person, no travel expenses are reimbursed.

Important Notes

  • One Application: Choose only one function/area of focus per application.
  • Degree Flexibility: Any academic discipline is acceptable, strong interest in asset management is key.
  • Rolling Basis: Apply early, as positions may be filled quickly.
  • International Applicants: Work visa sponsorship depends on successfully securing a position.