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Full Guide to SHL PwC Online Assessment 2024

Nov 10, 2023

PwC Game based assessment

  • The 2024 PwC graduate online test is not the game-based assessment as before
  • The PwC Online Assessment is conducted by the SHl test provider
  • Beneath the surface of the entertaining game-based assessment, lies a complex set of techniques aimed at evaluating abilities in ways that may be more difficult and demanding than straightforward aptitude tests.
  • candidates are happy to know the 2024 test format has changed
  • The SHL format consists of cognitive ability and general ability tests as well as situational judgment tests - get the full list of PwC SHL tests for 2024 here
  • Passing the PWC online assessment takes you to the next stage of the application process which involves the PWC interview questions, which are virtual in the form of a PWC video interview
  • The PWC video interview tests for your motivational and soft skills - so why PWC, why the graduate scheme why the field, and your soft skills

PwC SHL Test - PwC Cognitive Ability Test

  • Utilizing problem-solving, numerical, and reasoning skills.
  • Analyzing scenarios and interpreting provided information.
  • Identifying patterns and sequences.
  • Performing numerical calculations.
  • Drawing logical conclusions.
  • Test format: Activity-based, allowing interaction with questions through drag-and-drop.

PWC behavioural assessment

  • Evaluates candidates' soft skills and competencies through situational judgment tests.
  • Assesses leadership style, collaboration abilities, motivation, critical thinking, and ethics.
  • Scenarios and questions reflect the PwC work environment and culture.
  • Aims to determine fit with PwC values like teamwork, integrity, quality, and leadership.
  • Used for screening applicants during the recruitment process along with aptitude tests.

PwC Game based assessment

  • The online game is designed to assess logical thinking, problem-solving, and other aptitudes.
  • Presents candidates with simulated scenarios mirroring PwC's work.
  • Tests abilities like analyzing information, identifying patterns, and decision-making.
  • Assesses how candidates respond under time constraints.
  • Performance indicates strengths in analytical skills, numeric reasoning, attention to detail, and processing speed.

PWC Video Interview Questions

  • The video interview gives you the opportunity to tell PwC about yourself, and why you’ve applied for the role and the organisation
  • You're set to take a 40-minute, pre-recorded video interview which allows for preparation time before answering scenario-based questions.
  • Use a laptop/desktop for better video quality, ensure privacy, and focus on hypothetical situations in your responses.
  • Review the early careers website for context. For any additional needs, reach out to the recruitment team beforehand.

Video Interview Guide:

    • Complete the interview in one session, without interruptions, and in solitude.
    • Duration: Up to 40 minutes, with adjustments made if requested in the application.
    • Recommended devices: Laptop or desktop for optimal video framing.
    • Preparation: Review questions and record answers within the allocated time.
    • Response format: Focus on hypothetical actions for scenarios, not past experiences.
    • Preparation suggestion: Visit PwC's early careers website for more insights.
    • Special requirements: Contact the Student Recruitment team for reasonable adjustments if not previously noted.

SHL test practice pwc

Sample PWC questions and answers