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Network Rail 40 questions in 8 minutes

blog May 28, 2022

Network Rail Early Careers

  • You will need to take the Network Rail Online Assessments if you are interested in working as a signaller or timetable planner at Network Rail.
  • Rising above the competition can be difficult when there are hundreds of applicants but few coveted positions. Due to the short time limits during these assessments, the process can be extremely stressful.
  • AptitudePrep is here to help you succeed in your application because as a student myself I went through this grueling recruitment process.
  • I'm here to share my knowledge and experience. You can purchase 45 questions on the Gumroad link here and practice the similar questions you will be faced with when taking the network rail online assessment.
  • The pdf practice questions file will allow you to practice test questions for the Network Rail Online Assessment so you will know exactly what to expect.
  • On this article and across the site there are helpful guides and tips to help you smash all the tests and online assessments you have to outperform the competition and prepare you for all steps of the Network Rail hiring process.

Network Rail Online Aptitude Tests

  • The Network Rail early careers application process involves psychometric testing to weed out applicants who are not suitable for the role.
  • Many students fail this stage of the application process even though in reality they would be a perfect candidate for the role.
  • This blog will provide you with some guidance on how to address the questions and provide free practice questions to the dreaded 40 questions in 8 minutes.
  • The network rail application you may encounter will assess you on three key technical skills  

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test
SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
SHL Logical Reasoning Test

  • If you are applying for one of the engineering programs then you will be required to also undertake the logical reasoning test. You must pass the test to progress to the next stage.  
  • You must prepare fully for these tests as they are the key to your success in the application process.
  • Preparation is key to passing these technical shl online tests, practice free questions here or buy the full 40 questions with extra 5 bonus questions.

Network Rail SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

  • In the numerical test, you are asked to perform calculations with tables, graphs, percentages, and ratios.
  • Within the allotted time limit, you must answer the multiple-choice questions. You have 20 minutes to complete the test.
  • You are judged by the score you receive on the numerical test. Based on the score, your application is either passed on to the next stage or rejected.

SHL Numerical Sample Question

SHL Numerical Sample Question

Network Rail SHL Logical Reasoning Test

  • A test measuring inductive reasoning is required of candidates applying for Network Rail's engineering program graduate scheme.
  • On this test you're presented with matrices, each missing one object. It's your job to work out the missing shape from a list of five options.

Inductive Reasoning Sample Question:

SHL Logical Reasoning Test

Network Rail SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

  • A paragraph is usually packed with several facts. The questions pertain to the text in each paragraph, and each question has up to four possible answers.
  • The questions are hard and there is an element of time pressure therefore, it's highly recommended that you use verbal reasoning practice tests to understand the structure of the test and learn how to answer the questions quickly.

Verbal Reasoning Passage

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
  1. China’s one-child policy increases the country’s wealth.
  2. The passage suggests that two-child families will dramatically increase, as sibling-free adults reach child-bearing age.
  3. The main criticism of China’s one-child policy is that it violates human rights

Network Rail pre-recorded video interview questions

  • Network Rail video interview consists of warm-up questions to ease you into the online assessment, the questions can be practiced over with the video recordings allowed to playback to see how well you presented yourself.

During the interview, you are given three questions to think about, then two minutes to present the answer in front of the camera.

Example interview questions You need to be prepared to talk about

  • About yourself
  • Your skills and competencies
  • The role and the organization


  • Network Rail online assessment questions are tough and time-sensitive.
  • To pass the test you must be fully prepared and practice beforehand.
  • Practicing on actual shl questions collected across the internet and from experience is your best chance at passing the test.
  • You can get the full list of practice questions on the Gumroad link here.