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Lloyds Online Assessment: A Full Comprehensive Guide

Feb 20, 2023

Lloyds graduate application process

  • Stage 1: Application Form and Online Assessment. You will need to fill in your personal details, education history, work experience and motivation for joining Lloyds. You will also need to complete an online assessment that tests your numerical, verbal and logical reasoning skills.
  • Stage 2: Video Interview. You will be asked to record your answers to some competency-based questions using a webcam or smartphone. You will have a limited time to prepare and respond to each question.
  • Stage 3: Assessment Centre. You will be invited to attend a half-day assessment centre at one of Lloyds’ offices. You will take part in various exercises such as a group discussion, a written exercise and an individual interview.

What is the Lloyds online assessment like?

  • you can see the exact questions from Lloyds bank for 2023 here with answers and full explanations
Lloyds Banking Group - Immersive Online Assessment
34 Questions with Answers providedAll the materials that come with the online assessmentPDF copy you can have forever no subscription

In this article we will go through the Lloyds Bank Online Assessment stage of the application process.

  • The Lloyds Online Assessment is conducted by Cappfinity test provider
  • There are 34 Questions in the online assessment and most of the questions are situational judgment and personality behaviour type of questions
  • The online assessment follows the lloyds immersive online assessment where you are immersed in the company through reading emails, interacting with collages and watching videos
  • You can get all the questions and answers explained to the Lloyds online assessment here

Lloyds bank numerical reasoning test

  • The Lloyds Banking Group uses the numerical reasoning test to evaluate candidates for various roles, including graduate schemes, internships, apprenticeships, and experienced hires.
  • The test is based on SHL-style questions, which are designed to measure numerical aptitude, accuracy, and speed.
  • The test consists of 18 questions and has a time limit of 18 minutes.
  • The questions are adaptive, meaning that they may increase in difficulty depending on your performance.
  • The test is designed to measure your ability to analyze and interpret numerical data presented in the form of graphs, charts, percentages, and ratios.
  • The test is an online assessment that you will take during the recruitment process.
  • The numerical reasoning test is an important part of the Lloyds Banking Group's recruitment process, and a good performance on the test can improve your chances of being offered a role.
  • You can prepare for the test by practicing numerical reasoning questions, improving your math skills, and managing your time effectively during the test.
Lloyds Banking Group - Immersive Online Assessment
34 Questions with Answers providedAll the materials that come with the online assessmentPDF copy you can have forever no subscription

Lloyds interview questions

How do you think interest rates will trend in the next year?

  • I believe that interest rates will depend on various economic factors, including inflation rates, government policies, and global economic conditions.
  • However, at Lloyds Bank, we are committed to keeping a close eye on interest rates for our clients and providing them with the best possible advice and solutions to manage their finances.

Why would our clients here at Lloyds Bank want you to be their financial advisor?

  • Our clients at Lloyds Bank would want me to be their financial advisor because I am committed to our core values of putting customers first, taking responsibility, and working together.
  • As a Risk Analyst, I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service, managing risk effectively, and helping clients achieve their financial goals.

How do you ensure that you deliver excellent customer service in your current or previous role?

  • In my previous role, I ensured that I delivered excellent customer service by actively listening to customers, understanding their needs, and providing timely and effective solutions.
  • At Lloyds Bank, we prioritize providing the best overall customer experience by treating customers fairly, being transparent, and communicating clearly.

How do you assess and manage credit risk?

  • At Lloyds Bank, we assess and manage credit risk by analyzing a borrower's financial history, credit score, and other relevant factors.
  • We also use advanced risk management techniques and tools to monitor credit risk and make informed decisions based on our risk appetite and financial goals.

How do you communicate complex risk analysis to non-technical stakeholders?

  • To communicate complex risk analysis to non-technical stakeholders, I use clear and concise language, visual aids such as graphs and charts, and provide relevant examples to illustrate key points.
  • I also take the time to understand the stakeholder's perspective and tailor my communication style accordingly.
  • At Lloyds Bank, we value effective communication and collaboration, and work together to ensure that our stakeholders understand the risks and benefits of different solutions.

Lloyds bank graduate scheme online assessment

  • The Lloyds Bank graduate scheme is highly competitive, and you will need to demonstrate strong analytical skills, commercial awareness, and leadership potential.
  • To prepare for the online assessments, you should practice situational judgment, numerical reasoning, and logical reasoning questions, and research Lloyds Bank's core values and business strategy.
  • You should also prepare for the assessment center by practicing your presentation and interview skills, and researching the company's culture and values.