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EY Numerical Test (FREE Practice Questions 2023) updated

blog May 6, 2022

EY Numerical Test - example question 

EY Numerical Test

I used to consistently fail my numerical reasoning tests when applying for graduate jobs. Until one day I started smashing the tests. let's review the proven strategies and methods I took to pass all my online assessments as a graduate student.

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Careers at EY

EY is a leading global professional services company offering a wide range of financial and consulting services. EY is regarded as one of the Big Four, which also includes Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC. EY is based in London employing more than 230,000 people globally. Candidates applying for jobs with EY face a rigorous selection process and the competition is fierce.

The nature of professional services organizations such as EY means there is a big focus on the people. Most of the products and services offered are financial advice and consulting which means the employees are the product of the business.

Therefore recruiting the best and brightest talent means a high number of opportunities for roles across the professional services sector. EY recruits offer opportunities to everyone at all stages of their career from internships to placements to apprenticeships and graduate programs. The business areas seeking opportunities for talent are consulting, tax, technology, and assurance.

The EY Pathfinder survey is a useful tool for predicting the right path or course to take when embarking on the recruitment process and when you are unsure about which direction to take, the tool will analyze and match your strengths and interests to the most suitable role. Once you have identified a role and completed and passed the requirements for the EY application scheme, you will then be invited to the EY Online Assessments stage also known as Ernst & Young online aptitude tests.

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EY numerical reasoning test 2022

The numerical reasoning part of the ey graduate and apprenticeship assessment is a simple one where there are 11 questions in total. The questions are however different from other companies in the d=finance and accounting sector, for example, KPMG and Deloitte both test you on a total of 28 questions although they are mixed in with situation strengths questions as well.

The nature of EY numerical questions is that every question presented comes with a new set of tables and graphs so it is important to quickly visualize and interpret all visual data to be able to respond to the questions accurately and be prompt.

The aim of the EY Numerical Reasoning Test is to examine your technical knowledge in the form of a numeracy test. Correct decision-making is tested against data presented numerically or statistically in the form of tables, graphs, and charts.

EY numerical assessment - aptitude test skills assessed for include the following

  • Ability to interpret and analyze data both in ¬†visual and numerical format
  • To be able to draw logical conclusions based on data
  • To demonstrate Emotional intelligence stability and is the ability to adapt to different environments
  • Technical knowledge - good problem-solving skills

What is the EY online assessment like?

  • The numerical reasoning assessment consists of 12 questions
  • Assessment of numerical information from the workplace and your ability to evaluate, analyze and interpret the data
  • The time to complete the assessment is recorded and used to assess your final score, the test is not time-limited
  • The overall score is calculated from the accuracy of answers and the time taken for each question
  • Answers cant be changed once a question has been answered
  • Recommended to complete the test within 20 minutes that is 1 minute and 40 seconds per question
  • The best approach is accuracy and speed - it is recommended to practice questions beforehand example questions are provided here
  • You might be asked to retake the assessment during the assessment center stage
  • Example of ey online assessment practice question

How to pass EY numerical reasoning test

  1. Go over basic numeracy skills such as ratios, percentages, and arithmetic calculations
  2. Familiarise with reading and identifying key data from charts and graphs
  3. The difficult part of Ernst & Young's numerical reasoning test is not the knowledge tested, but how you respond to the information presented under pressure and in a limited time frame
  4. Practice questions beforehand and understand the answers
  5. You can purchase the full set of EY numerical test questions here
  6. You should begin practicing as soon as you apply; do not wait until you are informed of your acceptance; you will have 1-3 days to complete your real tests and you may need to review some material from school.
  7. Practice doing the questions in 45 seconds as this is the optimum time
  8. The assessment is time-critical going over will disqualify you for the position so be aware of the time allowance
  9. Do the test when you're most fresh for example in the mornings
  10. It is not the lack of knowledge that challenges you but the stress and time pressure!

Managing them is crucial. By far, the most effective way to achieve this is to practice tests in a safe environment before the actual test. A job test, internship test, or graduate program test should not be viewed as a battleground. Thousands of applicants have not been able to complete the application process, as you have.

Common questions about ey numerical reasoning questions

How long do you have to complete EY online assessment?

A question might ask you to pick one answer from a selection, or give a numerical answer or to rank possible responses from one to five, depending on how likely it is that you would choose each choice. It is recommended that you complete the test within 20 minutes of receiving the link.

What test provider does EY use?

It is here that you can practice the Ernst & Young Saville tests that are provided by Ernst & Young.

Is the ey numerical reasoning test combined with the EY Job Simulation?

The EY Job simulation is separate ti the numerical reasoning test. The EY Job Simulation is similar to the two very common online assessments: Situational Judgement Test and Work Personality Questionnaire.