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Deutsche Bank Online Assessment 2024

blog Jan 30, 2024

Deutsche Bank behavioural and ability assessment

  • The second stage of the Deutsche Bank Online Assessment is the Behavioural and Ability Assessment formally known as the General Ability test
  • The assessment contains 24 questions and is timed so must be completed within 36 minutes
  • The SHL general ability test for Deutsche Bank contains questions about numerical reasoning and logical reasoning
  • Example SHL numerical reasoning and example SHL logical reasoning questions and answers are provided below to practice for free,
  • You can ace the Deutsche Bank Online Assessment when you buy the full set of questions with answers here
  • The numerical reasoning questions are presented in the form of charts or tables and the information contained must be accurately deduced to work out the solutions
  • Logical reasoning questions contain shapes with alternating patterns, the sequence of the patterns must be understood to work out the next sequence
  • You must complete the test in one sitting and you can't go back to change answers through the process

Deutsche Bank Reasoning Skills (SHL)

  • This PDF contains 24 questions from the Deutsche Bank Reasoning Skills Test (SHL) for the 2024 graduate and intern programs.
  • The PDF contains all the worked-out answers to each of the questions (ANSWERS PROVIDED)
  • These questions are designed to assess candidates' behavior, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities.
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Deutsche Bank Online Assessment question

Practice free Deutsche Bank Online Assessment questions

Sample Question

Revise the schedule for Wednesday, ensuring that all meetings and tasks are organized according to the following updated constraints:

  • The Debrief should now be scheduled after the Internal Meeting.
  • The Client Meeting must still occur before the Internal Meeting.
  • Respond to Emails should be the last task of the day.

Given the available time slots are 10-11am, 1-2pm, 3-4pm, and 5-6pm, how should the tasks be arranged?


Considering the updated constraints, the new schedule for Wednesday will be:

  • 10am-11am: Client Meeting
  • 1pm-2pm: Internal Meeting
  • 3pm-4pm: Debrief (now after the Internal Meeting)
  • 5pm-6pm: Respond to Emails

This new schedule adheres to all the updated constraints:

  • The Client Meeting is still before the Internal Meeting.
  • The Debrief is now placed after the Internal Meeting, per the new requirement.
  • Responding to Emails remains the final task of the day.

Deutsche Bank Online Assessment answers

Practice free Deutsche Bank Online Assessment answers

Sample Answer Explanation

The constraints for the Wednesday schedule are as follows:

  1. The Debrief should take place after the Internal Meeting.
  2. The Client Meeting must precede the Internal Meeting.
  3. Responding to Emails must be the last activity of the day.

Given the time slots available are from 10-11am, 1-2pm, 3-4pm, and 5-6pm, we need to assign each task to a slot that fits these constraints. Here's the reasoning for each decision:

  • 10am-11am: The first slot of the day is given to the Client Meeting. This is because there is no constraint that needs it to be after any other task, but it must be before the Internal Meeting. Since the Debrief can no longer take place in the morning slot (which would have been its traditional position prior to the new constraints), the Client Meeting is the best fit for this time.
  • 1pm-2pm: This slot is allocated to the Internal Meeting. Given that the Client Meeting already occupies the morning slot and the Debrief now has to follow the Internal Meeting (as per the updated constraints), the early afternoon slot is the next available time for the Internal Meeting.
  • 3pm-4pm: The Debrief is now scheduled in this slot, which is immediately after the Internal Meeting. The new constraint specifically states that the Debrief should come after the Internal Meeting, making the mid-afternoon slot the first available time after the Internal Meeting has concluded.
  • 5pm-6pm: Finally, Responding to Emails is set for the last slot of the day. This task is supposed to be done last, and since all other slots are occupied with tasks that are constrained to occur earlier, the end-of-day slot is the only one that fits.

Therefore, each task is placed in an available slot that respects the sequence dictated by the updated constraints, resulting in a schedule that fulfills all the requirements.