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Deloitte immersive online assessment 2023

blog Feb 12, 2022

Overview of Deloitte immersive online assessment

Deloitte immersive online assessment 
  • Deloitte's immersive online assessment is comprehensive and challenging.
  • The Complete Guide to the Deloitte testing process for graduate positions and apprenticeships roles, within the accounting and finance industry.
  • The Deloitte online assessment involves four main sections which are designed and delivered by Cappfinity, the test publisher.
  • The purpose is to understand you better as a candidate and for the candidate to be immersed in day-to-day work within Deloitte.
  • Technical and personal skills will be tested such as decision-making, evaluating data sources, and the connection between you and Deloitte values and corporate integrity.

What is Deloitte immersive online assessment?

  • Online assessment to screen graduates, apprentice’s internships candidates, and other early-career roles
  • The assessment test consists of 35 questions it is untimed but 60 minutes is recommended
  • Blended assessment - situational strengths test, verbal reasoning test, numerical reasoning test, critical thinking, and personality profiling questions.
  • Opportunity to change answers until final submission
  • You can leave a section and get back to it later, a calculator is allowed.

Deloitte application process - online test sections

  1. Life at Deloitte - introduction to life at Deloitte video
  2. What makes you succeed - What matters to Deloitte - purpose, development, inclusion
  3. Getting started at Deloitte - fighting into Deloitte's work culture
  4. The future of work - numerical and data interpretation
  5. The rise of automation - analysing and evaluating data

How do I pass an immersive online assessment?

  • The key is to be comfortable and confident when taking the test and to be like that you have to practice and get used to sitting the tests.
  • Below is a sample of questions to practice with which have been adapted from the Deloitte immersive online assessment.

How do I prepare for the aptitude test Deloitte?

  • What makes you succeed - Purpose, Development, and Inclusion

Developing personally and professionally is a key skill for Deloitte. The nature of the business involves working with clients in teams to solve problems and make decisions and in the process gaining insights and experience from working with others.

Deloitte immersive online assessment section 1 question and response example

  • Getting started at Deloitte - work email, project brief

It is important to hit the grown running when starting a new job. getting to know everyone in the team and being open is essential. An example of a situational strengths test from Deloitte is shown below:

Deloitte immersive online assessment section 2 question example
Deloitte immersive online assessment section 2 response example

  • The future of work - at Deloitte you are expected to be technologically savvy with commercial awareness of big shifts in technology
Deloitte immersive online assessment section 3 question example
Deloitte immersive online assessment section 3 response example

  • The rise of automation - assessment of Cognitive skills through articles and charts
Deloitte immersive online assessment section 4 question example
Deloitte immersive online assessment section 4 response example

What psychometric test does Deloitte use?

  • The style of Deloitte's psychometric test is a game-based set.
  • The online tests are split into 4 sections where information is dispersed across a number of articles and questions are random from situational strengths tests to verbal reasoning. The most widely asked is numerical interpretation.
  • There is no longer a series of number questions on the screen they are all mixed into each other.

Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment - step-by-step breakdown

What Makes You Succeed section 1:

  1. personality and behavior style questionnaire
  2. Two information sources - a purpose video and an article about Deloitte values
  3. Three key values were assessed - Purpose, Development, and Inclusion
  4. situational judgment and personality profiling questions
  5. Tolerance to others, ambition for growth, and responsibility to others and oneself
  6. Total 8 questions some involve ranking responses others are sliding scales.

Getting started at Deloitte - section 2:

  1. First impressions are always important in a new job, this section assesses your attitude toward working with new employees and meeting new team members.
  2. Three information sources - Induction week email, project brief "future of work", Deloitte inclusion video
  3. Situational strengths test and personality profiling questions
  4. Assesses the ability to work in a team, approach to learning, initiative, and adaptability.
  5. There are 9 questions in total - ranking and sliding between responses

Future of work - section 3:

  1. This is a cognitive series of questions requiring you to use all the sources provided on the page. Multiple scenarios are presented related to the project.
  2. 8 data sources in total, two articles, 4 graphs, charts, and tables containing verbal and numerical information, a video about tech at Deloitte, and an employee voicemail 4 minutes long about work aspects
  3. Cognitive style questions with numerical and verbal questions
  4. Assess cognitive skills and integration of info sources
  5. There are 8 questions in total, answers are multiple-choice

Rise of automation - section 4:

  1. The cognitive section is based on the data provided in sections 3 and 4. A predominantly cognitive section.
  2. 7 info sources – a news article, 4 tables and graphs containing verbal and numerical data, a brief voicemail from your superior, and a video describing Deloitte’s corporate culture.
  3. Two types of questions–  situational strengths questions and cognitive questions
  4. Cognitive questions assess numerical and verbal reasoning abilities
  5. Assesses: cognitive skills, integration of info sources
  6. 10 questions in total with multiple-choice responses

Life at Deloitte - Section 5:

  1. The last part of the immersive online assessment is a corporate video of life at Deloitte, this includes the business and working environment and so there are no questions assessed.

How to Prepare and Pass the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment – 3 Tips

Here are the three most important prep tips for passing your assessment with Deloitte:

Tip #1 – Understand the Spirit of the Test

  • Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment sections include information sources that appear irrelevant at first glance.
  • Your superiors will leave recorded voicemails, including brief interviews with Deloitte employees and explanations of the task ahead.
  • Candidates often ignore these factors and answer the test questions based on their own personal beliefs and perceptions.
  • Despite their perceived inutile nature, these seemingly irrelevant sources of information instill a sense of the spirit Deloitte wants to see in its employees.
  • Before solving the questions, it is therefore recommended that you review these information sources, and ask yourself what their underlying message is.

Tip #2 – Recognise the 4 Strengths Deloitte Is Looking For

  • The Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment is a strength-based test. You will be assessed on your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Passing the Immersive Assessment requires letting your strengths shine through your test answers, which Deloitte places great emphasis on.
  • These 4 strengths are - Teamwork, Creativity, Staying Positive and Leadership
  • Be sure to keep these strengths in mind while practicing and to always strive to show them in your answers.

Tip #3 – Develop a sense of estimation at the cognitive level and use common sense don’t overthink it

  • Stressful tests are part of the test-taking process. This is common knowledge. It is important to always check your answers before submitting them.
  • That is even truer for cognitive questions, requiring a single, definite answer
  • Despite this, the Deloitte Online Assessment isn't your typical assessment. Deloitte assesses more than just your ability to compute and read, but also your ability to understand data and pass judgment.
  • Practice using your judgment effectively, even when there seems to be no clear answer to the question.

The Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment contains 3 question types:

Deloitte Cognitive Questions

  • This is the most dreaded type of question for most candidates.
  • Cognitive questions on the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment test your ability to integrate, analyse and interpret numerical and verbal data.

Deloitte Situational Judgement Questions

  • Situational judgment questions compose the majority of questions on the Deloitte Immersive Assessment.
  • Five response options are provided for each scenario related to work or behaviour. This is followed by ranking your responses from most likely (1) to least likely (5).

Deloitte Personality Questions

  • Deloitte's personality profiling questions are intended to measure various aspects of your character that are considered important to your career.
  • Each is composed of two statements about you on a two-sided scale. Depending on how these statements describe you, you should place yourself on the scale at the appropriate level.

The Deloitte Online Assessment Test Provider – Cappfinity

  • Cappfinity, a UK-based provider of strength-based assessment tests, administers the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment. Along with Deloitte, Cappfinity also provides immersive assessments for other companies, such as KPMG, HSBC, and Lloyds.
  • Deloitte Immersive Assessment's prototype is similar to other Cappfinity immersive assessments, but its content, traits measured, and structure are explicitly tailored to Deloitte.
  • Get the full list of Deloitte online assessment questions here.. there. are no worked answers just a PDF with all the questions you will get when invited to the Deloitte immersive online assessment