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Citi Plum Test

blog Feb 14, 2024

Citi plum assessment

Understanding the Citi Plum Test

  • Citibank uses the Plum assessment tool as part of its recruitment and selection process.
  • Often referred to as the Citi Plum test or Plum assessment for Citibank, this online psychometric evaluation aims to assess key competencies that are important for success at the company.
  • The main competencies are soft skills – problem-solving abilities, behavior and attitude, and social intelligence, the test is produced using AI
  • There is no passing or failing score in the Plum assessment. Citibank uses it as an objective tool to understand strengths and potential fit for roles.
  • Results are analyzed against benchmarks from other test-takers. There is no overall time limit and the sections are split across 5 parts.

Citibank plum assessment practice test

  • Statement that is LEAST LIKE YOU is: "I usually need a creative outlet"
This statement suggests that the person enjoys and seeks out creative activities. However, you may not identify with this statement if you don't feel the need to be creative in your personal life.
  • The statement that is MOST LIKE YOU is: "I try not to put people under too much pressure"
This statement suggests that you are considerate of others and don't want to cause them stress. This aligns with the fact that you said you often have a lot of fun, which suggests you enjoy positive experiences and interactions with others.

It's important to remember that these are just two statements, and they may not perfectly capture your personality. However, they can give you a starting point for thinking about your own strengths and preferences.

Plum assessment citibank

  • Candidates will need to set aside an uninterrupted time block to take the proctored online exam on a desktop or laptop through the Plum platform.
  • Preparation involves practicing similar cognitive ability and logical reasoning questions to build critical thinking skills.
  • Familiarizing with the question formats also helps perform better. see above to practice example questions

Citi Bank Plum Online Assessment 2024

  • 5 sections in total
  • each section consists of 5 to 15 questions
  • there are no answers with this product
  • questions range from logical reasoning to situational judgement and personality behaviour
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Plum profile

  • Upon completion, candidates receive a Plum profile highlighting top talents like communication, decision-making, teamwork etc. based on performance.
  • This insight into one's traits and preferable work environments can guide career choices and interview discussions with Citibank recruiters.
  • The Citi Plum test offers a standardized evaluation of skills and competencies relevant for roles at the bank beyond traditional resume screening methods. It aims to provide a fair assessment and selection process.