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Aon Work Related Behaviour online assessment 2024

blog Dec 8, 2023

  • Aon is a Global Professional Services provider, main areas of work include risk management, insurance brokerage, and human resources solutions.
  • Global Reach: Aon operates in over 120 countries, showcasing its extensive international presence in professional services.
  • Focus on Data and Analytics: Aon leverages advanced data analytics to provide insights and tailor solutions for clients.
  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Aon offers roles in actuarial, investment consulting, and insurance brokerage, catering to a wide range of interests and skills.
  • Aon's Online Assessments: Aon makes its own online psychometric assessments which are used to measure cognitive abilities, behaviours, personalities, and job-specific skills.
  • in this article i will break down the two online assessments Aon uses to assess graduates jobseekers.
  • Behavioral Insights: Aon's assessments measure key personality traits to enhance performance consistency and reduce human-related business risks.
  • Comprehensive Personality Assessment: The ADEPT-15 (Adaptive Employee Personality Test) evaluates 15 personality traits, reflecting an individual's work performance, style, and attitude.
  • Unique Response Format: It presents pairs of statements with a response scale from "strongly agree" to "slightly agree," requiring candidates to choose and rate their agreement.
  • Structured Yet Flexible: The test consists of 150 items, distributed over several pages, with no strict time limit, typically taking about 25-30 minutes to complete.
  • Progress Tracking: Features a progress bar at the top of the screen, helping candidates track their advancement through the assessment.

Aon work related behaviour Assessment 2024

  • 100 Aon work related behaviour Questions no answers
  • Each question has two statements pick one you agree with most
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Sample work related behaviour test questions and answers

Which statement do you agree with more? answer each with Strongly Agree or Slightly Agree

  1. Most of the time, I tend to hold a positive perspective:
  2. I enjoy collaborating with others towards a shared goal:
  3. It takes a lot to make me lose my temper
  4. I'm not afraid to express my opinion, even if it's unpopular when I feel strongly about something
  5. Being around other people gives me energy
  6. I like being part of a group rather than being in the spotlight
  7. I enjoy creating new ways of doing things, even if the current methods are already effective
  8. I am better at executing ideas than generating them
  9. I often miss small details
  10. I am easily discouraged