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Aon Early Careers ChatAssess

blog Dec 8, 2023

Aon ChatAssess: Early Career

The Aon ChatAssess also known as aon judgement chat assessment or aon situational judgement test is designed to gauge your decision-making skills in typical job situations.

Role Context: For the assessment, envision yourself in a junior role within the Finance division at Aon.

Primary Task:

  • Your main responsibility is to respond to various messages from colleagues.
  • When colleagues seek your advice, respond as you would in a real-life situation.
  • Sometimes, you'll be asked to agree or disagree with a proposed approach.

Response Mechanics:

  • For each situation, you will be presented with three response options to choose from.

Time Management:

  • The test is expected to take about 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 60 minutes to finish.
  • Focus on understanding each message fully before responding.
  • The test measures the quality of your responses, not the speed of completion.
  • It's crucial to respond to all messages within the allocated 60 minutes.

Message Tracking:

  • If you open a message and decide not to respond immediately, remember to come back to it.
  • A reply to every message is required for assessment completion.

Completion Confirmation:

  • After responding to all messages, you'll receive a notification confirming the end of the assessment.
  • If you exit the assessment before seeing this notification, your responses will not be saved.

Introduction and Practice:

  • The assessment includes introductory messages with examples to help you understand how it works.
  • These example messages are solely for practice and do not count towards the actual assessment.
  • There's no time limit for this introductory part, and you can go through it multiple times if needed.

Aon Early Careers ChatAssess

Aon example questions

When faced with the scenario where a contract document for a new client has gone missing and needs to be sent by the afternoon, you have three response options:
  1. Direct Communication: "I will speak to the responsible team directly to address the issue and expedite finding the contract."
  2. Email Urgency: "I will send an urgent email to the team responsible for contracts, emphasizing the immediate need for the document."
  3. Engaging Leadership: "I will speak to the head of the responsible team to ensure the contract is located and delivered by this afternoon."

Aon Early Careers ChatAssess 2024

  • 100 Aon work related behaviour Questions no answers
  • Each question has two statements pick one you agree with most
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  1. Direct Communication: This option demonstrates proactive behavior and a hands-on approach. Directly speaking to the team shows immediacy and ensures you can relay the urgency of the situation effectively. It's a good choice if the issue is time-sensitive and requires immediate attention.
  2. Email Urgency: Sending an urgent email is efficient and provides a written record of the communication. This method can be effective if the team is responsive to emails and if the situation allows for a slight delay in response time. However, it might not be as immediate as direct communication.
  3. Engaging Leadership: Involving the head of the responsible team can be effective, especially if the issue is critical or complex. This approach ensures that the matter is escalated to a higher authority, potentially leading to quicker resolution. However, it might take more time than directly addressing the team.

The best response often depends on the specific context and understanding of the company's culture. If Aon values direct action and quick resolution, the first option might be most appropriate. If they prefer documented communication or hierarchical escalation for problem-solving, the second or third options might be more suitable. It's important to consider these aspects when choosing your response.