Alpha FMC Blended Assessment

blog Feb 15, 2024

Alpha fmc blended assessment

  • The Alpha fmc blended assessment is provided through bright network and the test provider is cappfinity
  • you can get the full list of questions for th Alpha fmc blended assessment pdf right here
  • Alpha fmc blended assessment contains 10 multiple choice technical questions about analysing graphs and tables and working out solutions
  • There are 13 situational judgment questions which are work related depending on the scenario you are in you have to answer based on the values of the company and your personal preferences
  • Finally the last part of the Alpha fmc blended assessment alpha fmc interview questions which consist of 4 video interview questions in which you are required to record a pre recorded 2 minute answer.

Bright Network Blended Assessment

  • The Blended Assessment uses a mix of techniques – scenarios, problem-solving, and video interviews – to paint a complete picture of your potential, not just your past achievements.
  • the blended interview is in the form various questions, such as technical + competency, motivational, situational/ scenario, strengths based.

Alpha FMC

  • Alpha financial markets consulting (FMC) provide consulting services to asset managers and and investment management firms
  • Who they are: Alpha FMC are the A-Team of consultants for the bigwigs in finance - asset management, wealth management, and insurance. Think fancy banks, investment houses, and insurance giants.
  • What they do: They help these companies tackle their toughest problems. Think robots taking over, keeping up with ever-changing customer demands, and figuring out how to make even more money (ethically, of course).
  • How they do it: Unlike your average consultant, Alpha FMC goes deep. They send in small teams of experts who work directly with the top bosses, giving them personalized advice. Think of it as financial bootcamp for CEOs.
  • Why it's cool: Working at Alpha FMC is like getting a black belt in finance. They offer top-notch training, the chance to work on real-world challenges, and even a shot at sharing in the company's profits. Plus, they're all about diversity and inclusion, so everyone feels welcome.

Alpha fmc graduate scheme

  • Deep Dive: Work on real projects with C-suite execs, not just coffee runs.
  • Fast Track: Meritocratic culture means promotions based on performance, not time served.
  • Finance Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge from industry veterans.
  • Future-Proofed: Get trained and supported to earn industry qualifications like CFA.
  • Thriving Culture: Award-winning for diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being.

Alpha fmc blended assessment interview questions sample questions

Question: what brings out best in you?
  • Thriving on puzzles: Like Alpha FMC tackling industry giants, I excel at complex challenges, using data and creativity to unlock solutions.
  • Teaming up for better: Alpha's collaborative spirit fuels my learning. Diverse perspectives, human and technical, sharpen my responses.
  • Never-ending knowledge quest: Just like Alpha values continuous learning, I constantly evolve, processing information to grow and deliver more impact.
  • Merit matters: No ego here, just a drive to excel like Alpha's performance-driven culture. My reward? Delivering the best possible outcome.
  • Embracing all voices: Alpha's inclusive approach mirrors my ability to consider diverse viewpoints, leading to well-rounded, powerful solutions.

In short, Alpha's values unlock my full potential, making me a powerful problem-solving teammate.

Alpha FMC Situational judgement Questions

"Ask your colleagues why they're doing things that way when you see something being done differently."

Most likely - Open communication is usually the best approach to understand different perspectives before making assumptions.

"Revisit the training materials to ensure that you've not misunderstood the training before doing anything."

Most likely - Clarifying your own understanding first is a prudent step before potentially accusing others of doing things incorrectly.

"Keep quiet because it's not your place to question people who've been doing this work for years."

Least likely - While experience matters, not communicating at all is unlikely to resolve issues or lead to continual improvement.

"Inform your manager about your colleagues who've been doing things differently to ensure everything is done"

Least likely - Involving management or complaints should typically be a last resort after good faith attempts to resolve differences directly with colleagues through respectful discussion.

Alpha fmc blended assessment questions

Alpha fmc blended assessment answers

With the total number of employees surveyed at 284, and the percentage breakdowns for each trait, we can now calculate the number of employees that fall into the Agreeableness (Friendly) and Openness (Cautious) categories.
First, let's calculate the number of employees categorized as Agreeableness (Friendly):
21% of 284 employees are categorized under Agreeableness, and of those, 68% are identified as Friendly. To find the number of Friendly employees:
284×0.21=59.64284×0.21=59.64 (total Agreeableness)
Rounded to the nearest whole number, this gives us 41 employees who are Friendly under Agreeableness.
Next, we calculate the number of employees categorized as Openness (Cautious):
26% of 284 employees are categorized under Openness, and of those, 27% are identified as Cautious. To find the number of Cautious employees:
284×0.26=73.84284×0.26=73.84 (total Openness)
Rounded to the nearest whole number, this gives us 20 employees who are Cautious under Openness. Adding both categories together:
41 (Friendly) + 20 (Cautious) = 61 employees
Therefore, the total number of employees categorized into Agreeableness (Friendly) and Openness (Cautious) is 61 when rounded to the nearest whole number.

Alpha FMC Blended Assessment 2024

  • 10 multiple-choice technical questions on graph and table analysis and problem-solving.
  • 13 situational judgment questions based on company values and personal preferences.
  • 4 pre-recorded video interview questions, each requiring a 2-minute response.
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